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 Game Ideas

 Have Dates with Your Kids
Sometimes school and extracurricular activities seem to fill our
children's live, and before you know it, they're going off to college.

 Make Lunch Box Surpises

 Make Butter
Pour a cup of whipping cream into a clean jar and screw the lid on tightly.

 Create Balloon Messages
Write secret messages on scraps of paper. Now fold them up
and insert them into balloons. Blow up the balloons and tie them.

 Make a Family Museum
Find a bookcase, a nook, or a cranny where you can display
your family's treasures.

 Compile a Kids' Cookbook
Have your little one draw pictures of the foods they like to eat and describe the "recipe" to you.

 Discover a New Country
Select a spot on the globe or on a world map where there is no

 Earn TV Time by Reading
Jump-start the school yeat by ensuring that your kids will not fall into the TV trap.

 Compile a Family Cookbook
Gather relatives' recipes at reunion or through the mail. Copy old family photos and favorite family anecdotes and bind them with the recipes.

 Make Rubbings
Bring along crayons and paper. Place the paper over interesting
textures, then scribble back and forth over the paper with a

 Stencil with Leaves
Collect a variety of leave, then lay them out on a large sheet of butcher paper or a brown paper sack.

 Capture Sounds
Take along a tape recorder and let your child listen carefully for birds, brooks, breezes, laughter, squeaky swings, crunchy

 Use Sand Like Glitter
Let your child draw a picture or write his name with white craft
glue on a heavy sheet of paper.

 Hatch Eggs or Butterflies
There are several ways for children to watch a metamorphosis.

 Grow a Crystal Garden
In a small jar, mix 1 tablespoon Epsom salt, 1 Tablespoon water
and 1/4 tablespoon food coloring.

 Hang a Sun-Catcher
You can enjoy the play of light and colorin your room. Cut two
sheets of waxed paper into the same shape (a heart, a house,
a butterfly, whatever), and place crayon crumbs between them.

 Make a Barbie Cake
This is perfect for a little girl's birthday . Purchase or bake a tube cake, such as an angel food cake.

 Give Children Different Colored Towels
You'll always know who left one on the floor! Monograms work
the same way. You can carry this theme throughout the house.

 Hide Coins to Teach Dusting
You can make a game of dusting if you hide coins for your kids
to discover as they work.

 Make Masterpieces
Pack up paper, canvases, crayons and paints, then take the
whole family to a beautiful site and let everyone create his own landscape masterpiece.

 Paint with Water
Hot weather makes it fun to do art out doors, and this kind erases itself!

 Here Todays, Here Tomorrow
Do more than recycle aluminum can; make a compost pile for
biodegradables. It's a fun way to teach kids about the things we throw away and what impact we have on the environment.

 Play Water Balloon Baseball
Fill all the balloons you can with water ( you can never have
enough). Pitch the water balloons like baseballs.

 Have a Treasure Hunt
Take turns hiding a treasure, then drawing a map for the rest of the use in finding it. This can occupy kids for an entire weekend!

 Let Kids Do Spring Clearning, Too
Make up "Kid Cleaning Kits".

 Easy activities and games to play to develop motor. Tactile , and spatial skills.
There are 7 activities that you may already be using and which are among the best for developing your child's motor skills.:

 Balloon gift wrap
Don't throw away those colorful foil helium-filled balloons that you receive for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions.

 Wobble Stopper
Instead of placing wooden shims under a table leg to level the top, you can stop the wobble permanently with clear tape and hot-melt glue.

 Birthday Party Balloon Blower
Next time you host a birthday party or other celebration that requires inflating lots of balloons, save your lungs and try this trick

 Family Camping Tips
Tent camping can be a challenge, but it's fun and inexpensive too! Here are some tips on making things a little smoother for the entire family.

 Jump Rope
Divide the players into two teams and fill one cup for each group. Holding her team's cup, the first child jumps into the turning rope and skips at least three times.

 Bicycle Races - Tightrope Riding
Bikers in this race must travel 50 feet down a straight 3-inch-wide chalk line, keeping both tires on the line at all times.

 Bicycle Races - Tortoise Tango
Use chalk to draw two parallel 3-foot-wide lanes spaced 10 feet apart on a paved surface. The length of the lanes will depend on the available area, but 50 feet makes a good distance.

 Tisket, Tacket Basket Party

 Fashion Show Party

 Color Party

 Carnival Party

 Splash Party

 Mystery Party

 Make-It and Bake-It Party

 Beachless Beach Party

 Farm Party
The idea of this party is quite simple. It can also help all of the city folk to get back to a simpler way of life.

 Doll's Tea Party
A doll's tea party was a way in which children could imitate and consequently learn the social behavior.

 Paint Party
Kids love to paint things. Give your kids and their friends a variety of painting projects and let them be creative.

 Garden Party
Teaching Lifeskills Encouraging Your Child. Age Group: 3 to 6 years old...