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 Water your plants efficiently and it'll be less of a chore.
Watering little and often does more harm than good because it keeps the roots near the soil surface. It's better to give your plants a really thorough soaking less often.

 Seasonal Tips on Planting - Winter
Lawns: Apply ground limestones to acidic soil. Service mowers and string trimmers before storing for winter.

 Seasonal Tips on Planting - Fall
Lawns: Rake up fallen leaves and compost to use for leafmold or mulch under shrubs.

 Seasonal Tips on Planting - Summer
Lawns: Mow regularly, lowering the height of the blades, but leave grass longer during dry periods. Feed if growth is poor.

 Seasonal Tips on Planting - Spring
Lawns: Aerate, repair dips, reseed bald areas if necessary, and apply a general fertilizer. Set blades high for the first cut. Sow new lawns in mid-spring.

 How to Plant Hanging Baskets - Watering.
Plants in container need regular watering throughout the summer. The following tips should help prevent your from plants drying out and reduce the need for watering.

 How to Plant Hanging Baskets - Type of Liners.
This is the traditional liner for baskets but its collection can pose an ecological threat bogs. Moss collected from the lawn is a good subsitute.

 How to Plant Hanging Baskets - Type of Basket.
Traditional baskets made of plastic-coated wire have large holes making planting through the sides straighforward.

 Growing Plants in Containers
Growing plants in containers allows you to have flowers, vegetables and herbs without a garden, often high above city streets. It is also a good way to add decorative accents to the garden.

 Herbs in existing flower beds
Herbs can be successfully planted into existing flowerbeds. Their subtly colored foliage and flower colors combine well with trees and shrubs.

 Improving soil structure
All soil improvers can be added as a mulch or dug into the top 6" which is the main feeding area for the plant roots.

 Checking PH condition of The Soil
Checking the pH of the soil refers to its acidity or alkalinity.

 The Benefits of fall planting
Fall-planted tree is well rooted and bursts into growth in spring.

 Watering While You're Away
Make sure your houseplants don't get thirsty next time you go on vacation. Take a cotton shoelace, cut off the ends, and soak it in a bowl of water.

 Allergy-Smart Gardens
Millions of people who suffer from the effects interfere with the pleasure of gardening, dining on the deck, entertaining poolside, or even just playing outside.

 Gardening as Exercise: Get Down, Get Dirty, Get Fit
Get down, get dirty, get fit If you have failed with one exercise program after another, you'll be happy to know you can find fitness among the flora.

 Basic Gardening Tools and Equipment Guide
Basic tools for the new gardener contains a wealth of basic gardening information

 Make Your Garden Low-Maintenance
Glass is the best ultimate low maintenance plant. It doesn't need much more than regular mowing.

 Would Organic Fertilizer Be Better For My Lawn?
Plants absorb nutrients in the same way, whether the source be organic or a conventional fertilizer.

 Watering Your Lawn
The most neglected area of landscape maintenance is proper watering of trees and shrubs.