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 Arts & Crafts

 Bead Magic
You will need: A5 sheet of white line-embossed card, Selection of pastel coloured beads, Silver wire, Wire cutters...

 Green Blossoms
You will need: A5 sheet bright yellow textured card, Sheet of vellum, double-sided tape, 3 green flower sequins...

 Sparkling Hearts
You will need: Sheet cream handmade textured paper, Sheet white textured card, Sheet white line-embossed paper...

 Patchwork House
You will need: A5 sheet pink textured card, stylus, Tracing paper, 4 scraps of patchwork fabric...

 Pretty Peonies
You will need: 2 decorative paper napkins, A4 sheet white card
Craft knife, metal ruler, cutting mat, Stylus,Aerosol glue...

 Daisy Rainbow
You will need: Craft knife, cutting mat, metal ruler, Stylus,
Gold and green pens, Daisy punch...

 Paper Rose
You will need: A5 sheet pink card, Craft knife, Cutting mat, Metal ruler, pencil, stylus, Rose-patterned wrapping paper

 Flower Power
Make lovely looking paper bouqets with these colorful sugar paper...

 Memories Photo Frame
You will need: A4 sheet mottied brown card, Craft knife, Metal ruler, Pencil, Cutting mat ...

 Fold-out Greetings Card
Send you friends and family with your custom made greeting cards.

 Paper Chains
This is a fun project to do with kids. Make a few of paper chains for decorations!

 Woven Paper Card
Decorating your room with this nice looking woven paper card

 Bird Mosaic Tray
Lovely mosaic tray that everyone loves...

 Painted Postcard
Very simple and easy to do postcard project

 Greeting Card Gift Bag
Recycle used greeting card.... making nice looking handmade gift bag..

 Envelope Bookmark
A great way to recycle used greeting card and junk mail envelope.

What you need: Clear, sticky- backed plastic, Stickers and silver or coloured card, Beads....

 Junk Jewellery / Card
What you need: Foil, plastic sweet wrapper or coloured paper
Scissors, Sequins, Pipecleaners...

 Fly Away Ladybug ( Greeting Card )
Make an attractive and colorful greeting card

 Fridge photo gallery
Flat, rectangular refrigerator magnets have become a popular advertising medium.

 Ring holder
What you need: Cardboard, scissors, 3 colors of felt, 2 craft sticks, plastic foam, round metal lid from a jar....

 Button Bulletine Board
What you need: 11 inches X 17 inches framed bulletin board, Large craft ,buttons, Assorted buttons....

 Pen Friends
What you need: Plain biro pen, scraps of glittery or shiny fabric cut to 2 cm X 40 cm, tinsel or tinsel shreds, sticky tap and PVA glue

 Fancy Frame
What you need: 2 wooden photos frames about 6 inches X 4 inches, about 1 metre each of red and gold sequin on thread, PVA glue

 Invitation card or Thank you card
What you need: Coloured card, paints, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, envelope, felt-tip pen, paintbrush, pencil

 Picture Straw
What you need: Coloured paper, aerosol lid, marker