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 Credit & Debt

 The Three Major Credit Bureaus
Here's how to contact the three major credit bureaus to ask about or obtain your credit report or credit score, alert creditors to a possible fraud using your name, or for any other reason

 How do I correct wrong or incomplete information in my credit report?
The FCRA gives you the right to dispute inaccuracies or omissions, and it requires credit bureaus to investigate your complaint (generally within 30 days), send you a prompt response and correct any errors.

 The ABCs of Credit Reports and Credit Scores
If you're like many consumers, you probably have questions about what goes into your credit report and who uses it. Here is an overview that we hope will address many of your questions and concerns.

 Credit Protection and the Laws Protecting You
Your state is likely to have laws governing credit insurance and debt protection coverage

 Extra Tip on... Credit and Debit Cards for Teens
Credit and debit cards can be good ways for teens to pay without carrying cash or checks, and they can help teach kids about how to manage money

 Credit Card Fees Often Go Unnoticed Even As They Increase
In recent years, card issuers have raised or added new fees for their products and services.

 Problems With Plastic: Tips for Tackling Your Top Concerns
Here are common problems that consumers report with credit cards or debit cards (which deduct payments automatically from your deposit account) along with guidance on how to prevent and resolve those problems

 High-Cost "Predatory" Home Loans: How to Avoid the Traps
There is no clear-cut definition of a "predatory" loan, but many experts agree it is the result of a company misleading, tricking and sometimes coercing someone into taking out a home loan

 Your Credit Record... and the Simple Mistakes That Can Cost You Money
Why should you care about your history of paying debts and other bills? The better your credit record, the better your chances of obtaining a low-cost loan or insurance policy, renting an apartment, or qualifying for a job

 Guidance on Paying for College
College costs keep going up and up. Fortunately, there are many ways to save for college education, including tax-advantaged savings plans and U.S. Savings Bonds

 Five Things You Should Know About... Credit Cards
Credit cards offer great benefits, especially the ability to buy now and pay later. But you've got to keep the debt levels manageable

 Credit Cards Raising Minimum Payments
Consumers who tend to make only the minimum payment due on their credit card bill each month can expect to write bigger checks than in the past.

 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Credit Card
Questions to Ask Before Getting a Credit Card

 Credit Cards: Understand Your Needs...and the Fine Print
Ask yourself when you expect to pay for all that you chargeóby the due date each month or over several months?