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 Teach & Learn

 Helping Children Learn to Read
Helping a child learn to read, is a gift that will last a lifetime and takes a partnership that begins at home and continues at child care and in school. 

 Embracing Educational Software in the Technology Age
The family computer is a centerpiece of the modern home and an indication of the supreme importance of technology in children's education.

 Guide To Choosing Educational Toys For Children
Learning thru play is a reality; it can and it is done unknowingly every time your child plays.

 Today's Homeschooling Supplies
Today’s technology has opened an entire universe of homeschooling supplies to us.

 How to Start Homeschooling
You are the best teacher your children will ever have because you love them more than anyone else possibly could.

 Educational Toys And Children's Books - A Must For Optimal Childhood Development
Educational toys are tools of play designed to develop motor skills, cognitive powers and emotions. Other toys may simply be fun

 Science and Discovery Toys Provide Wonderful Educational Experiences for Children
Whether your child wants to be a future geologist, archeologist, chemist or scientist there are a wide variety of excellent science and discovery toys for them to have fun and learn with

 Integrate Fun and Learning with PC Games
Children are always up for a good game. Well, who isn't? Pretend that you are back in school. For the rest of the class period you have two choices as to how you can spend your time.

 Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic -- and Recess!
Language arts (comprised of listening, speaking, reading, and writing), mathematics, science, and social studies are often considered the "essential" content areas in a typical curriculum. Although it may not be immediately obvious, recess can have an impact on all of these subjects.

 Teaching Children vs Child Learning
One of the great benefits to homeschooling is the flexibility that you have as a parent. Each family can literally choose the homeschool curriculum or educational experience that best suits their own family values, philosophy, and schedule.

 Learning About Child Learning
Being an effective teacher one's child begins first with knowing how you child learns. Getting a grasp on your child's learning characteristics is essential to homeschooling success.

 Teach Your Children - Without Them Knowing They Are Learning!
Read with your child, or better yet, take turns reading to each other. One-on-one reading is less common at schools and your child will benefit from having the extra practice time.

 Bring On The Music To Help Your Child Learn Faster And More Effectively
There is no doubt that music and songs are one of the best means to teach children new information and knowledge.

 What Do You Teach Your Children About Money?
Whether we realize it or not we teach our children about money every day. Sometimes we teach with words and sometimes with actions.

 How Children Can Read Faster and Better
For most children, it is easy to learn to read faster. Their reading rate is often a matter of habit. But to begin, you may need to help them change some of their existing habits.

 How To Teach Your Children Social Skills
To help children acquire the basic social behavior, parents must set the proper expectation, rules, rewards and punishment associated with those rules and more important set themselves as good examples for their children

 How To Teach Your Children Courage
You can teach your children courage through stories, games, role-playing and discussion. However the most powerful and effective approach is to have it and show it through your personal example and through your generous praise of their example and attempts.

 How To Teach Your Children Self-Reliance and Potential
Self-reliance and potential are two very important values that I'd highly recommend parents teach their children

 Educational Jigsaw Puzzles, How Educational Are They?
Doing jigsaw puzzles develops several functions of the brain simultaneously as a child has fun and also learns. Most notably developed in this learning process are the abilities to reason, deduce, analyze, sequence, and develop logical thought and problem solving skills.